Courses Taught, Mount Royal University (2002-2013)

Engr 1205                         Engineering Statics

Engr 3349                         Engineering Dynamics

Phys 1204                         Newtonian Physics


Courses Developed and Taught, Mount Royal University (2002-2014)

Engr 1261 & 1263            Orientation to the Engineering Profession 1 & 2

Engr 1271 & 1273             Engineering Design and Communications 1 & 2

Gned 1103                          “Innovation” (Numeracy and Scientific Literacy)
Theme: Exercise, biomechanics, and you


I describe, below, two of my most recent engineering teaching initiatives which exemplify my educational practice and philosophy, which is that I think about teaching as a design problem. My learner-centered approach to teaching is to understand the stages and bottlenecks students usually experienced in a given course or discipline (pedagogical content knowledge) and to ‘design’ an environment which helps them achieve the goals of the course and to develop as a learner.

Active learning in Engineering Dynamics

When teaching traditional, content-heavy engineering courses, I began ‘flipping’ my classes in 2010.  The course outline from Engineering 3349, below, shows how I designed the course to ensure students were given the opportunity to not only prepare before class (assigned readings and pre-class quizzes), but also to identify to me what concepts they were struggling with (just-in-time teaching), and to practice applying the concepts with feedback (regular, low-stakes assignments and quizzes) before their exams.  Attached below are the course outline and student evaluations from winter 2011, which is the last time I taught the course individually:

Problem-based learning and teamwork in Engineering Design