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design thinking in the K-12 classroom

Here is an article about a very cool initiative – Project Zero out of Harvard.  The research is investigating the theory that “kids learn best when they’re actively engaged in designing and creating projects to explore concepts.”  In other words, when they are doing engineering-like activities such as tinkering, designing, and reverse-engineering previously designed objects!!… Continue reading design thinking in the K-12 classroom

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Engineering Degree “has legs”

Most students may not be planning to do a second degree or a different career when they start in the engineering program, but it’s good to know that your degree “has legs”, as explained in this article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix:|+University+Affairs%29&utm_content=Google+International   What do they mean?  They mean that “an undergraduate degree in… Continue reading Engineering Degree “has legs”

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An engineering design problem: how to stop subway tunnels from flooding as a result of a storm surge

Recently, Hurricane Sandy shut down New York City’s subway system for days.  Here’s an article in the NYTimes about what engineers are doing to help solve this very real, and relatively new, problem. Creating a Balloonlike Plug to hold back floodwaters  from the NYTimes. To my engineering design students: can you articulate the problem statement,… Continue reading An engineering design problem: how to stop subway tunnels from flooding as a result of a storm surge

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Dynamics midterm study tips

While you’re studying next week, I have a few suggestions for you, based on my own studying experiences, the comments I’ve received from previous students, and what psychologists who actually study learning tell us.  Here’s a great article: My interpretation: Reading solutions from the solutions manual and thinking “OK, I get it” is not… Continue reading Dynamics midterm study tips