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Dynamics midterm study tips

While you’re studying next week, I have a few suggestions for you, based on my own studying experiences, the comments I’ve received from previous students, and what psychologists who actually study learning tell us.  Here’s a great article: http://bjorklab.psych.ucla.edu/pubs/RBjork_2001b.pdf My interpretation: Reading solutions from the solutions manual and thinking “OK, I get it” is not… Continue reading Dynamics midterm study tips

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Science is hard and that’s a good thing!

To be honest, math always came easily to me and so I never understood the “math anxiety” or “I hate math” perspectives.  This post, entitled Science: It’s Really, Really Hard, And That’s Something To Celebrate sums up a couple of key things that have bouncing around in my head but I hadn’t yet put into… Continue reading Science is hard and that’s a good thing!

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Noam Chomsky on the purpose of education

In this 20 minute video, Noam Chomsky discusses different views on the purpose of education.  There is the traditional view that the highest goal in life is to inquire and create, and follow a quest for understanding, versus the control and indoctrination view where the believe is that “young people have to be placed into… Continue reading Noam Chomsky on the purpose of education