How to get the most out of studying: Putting the principles of optimizing learning into practice

All my students should watch this.  Dr. Stephen Chew is a cognitive psychologist who translates what we know about how people learn, into clear, useful information for students to help them study better.  Note that this is the fourth presentation in a 5-part series so be sure to watch them all, and watch them more than once.

In this presentation, Dr. Chew explains that good study strategies help you learn information at a deep level, focusing on understanding and using concepts, rather than memorizing them.  Some strategies for achieving deep processing are:

  • question generation (after reading new material, think about questions you have about it, for example questions related to elaboration, differences, etc. (see presentation #3)
  • create a concept map
  • practice using and retrieving information in ways that your instructor will expect you to do
  • use effective note-taking, highlighting and group study strategies (there are very useful tips in the video)

To go back to the beginning of this series, click here.  To see the next video, click here.

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