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children teach themselves: a case for unschooling

My husband is a stay-at-home Dad who is “unschooling” our 3 young children.  This means that he is not following any curriculum, but letting the kids’ interests guide their activities.  While he is very comfortable and usually quite confident with this idea, I am cautiously going along with it, almost constantly in fear that we are making a mistake, because this is unfamiliar territory for me.

As an educator in the post-secondary system, the idea that children can just teach themselves is contrary to almost everything I’ve lived and learned.  Growing up, I was good in school, and of course was rewarded by the system, and ended up with a Ph.D., teaching in the same system!  But when I think about it, the philosophy of unschooling is perfectly aligned with all the post-secondary literature that I’m familiar with about experiential, problem-based learning, levels of processing, motivational theories, and more.

In my ongoing quest to convince myself that this is all going to turn out all right, I’ll be linking to articles related to homeschooling and unschooling on this blog, in addition to articles that relate to my “work world”.  This article I’ve linked to today makes the evolutionary case for why it is natural to expect that children can teach themselves.

Check back in 10 years (when my eldest will be 18) and I’ll let you know how it all turned out.  I’ll be an expert by then!

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