About Me

Janice Miller-Young, P.Eng., PhD
teacher, scholar, engineer, Mom, gardener
passionate about constant learning and growth

A full-time faculty member at Mount Royal University since 2004, I taught a variety of first- and second-year engineering courses until 2013 and taught in our General Education program in 2014. What drew me here was the value we place on teaching and learning.

I began engaging in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in 2009, when I was accepted as a scholar in the inaugural cohort of the Nexen Scholars Program. In order to make the transition from engineering to education-related research, I also sought out opportunities to learn and practice a wide-range of research and teaching methodologies such as facilitating subsequent cohorts of SoTL scholars, sitting on (and chairing) the Human Research Ethics Board, and working for the Academic Development Centre. These roles exposed me to many of the innovative teaching and learning activities and scholarship already happening at Mount Royal University and also served to strengthen my assertion that the scholarship of teaching and learning is an effective way for instructors to question their assumptions about what is happening in their classroom, gain new insights about student learning, and assess the effectiveness of the innovative pedagogies they are developing.

In 2013 I was appointed to the position of Director for the Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. It has been a rewarding first year for me as Director as I’ve had the opportunity to work with inspiring colleagues in the Nexen Scholars Program, provide new research support with the TransCanada Collaborative SoTL Inquiry Grants, and meet and connect scholars from across Canada through our own Symposium and other conferences and networks, and more. Currently, I am also an Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Chair of SoTL Canada, a special interest group of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. As a result of my recent work, my scholarly interests have shifted into topics such as novice-expert differences and faculty transition into SoTL.


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…oh, and you guessed it, in my spare time I love to garden!! In fact, no blade of lawn grass is safe in my yard.

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